Automatically download all the Microsoft Ignite 2016 content


I’m still working my way through all the content from the recent Microsoft Ignite 2016, however what I really wanted was all the PowerPoints from each presentation in one place as files and searchable. I also heard from many who wanted that as well as all the videos from the sessions downloaded locally.

Luckily, Michel de Rooij has created a PowerShell script to do this automatically for you. You’ll find it here:

Ignite 2016 Slidedeck and Video downloader

Simply download and run the script to get the videos and presentations from each session downloaded directly to your local machine. If you are like me and only want the PowerPoint’s then run the following command:

.\ignite2016downloader.ps1 –novideos

That will automatically create a local directory called \ignite2016 and commence downloading the specified content there. You see exactly this taking place from the screen shot above.

Now, downloading the content is one thing but making effective use of so much material is another, but I have a solution for that as well. What I did after getting all the content was to then to upload it into a SharePoint Online Document Library so that it is quickly searchable and I can easily see a preview of each file. Not only that, I can also use my own custom metadata to tag information by technology allowing me to group similar sessions together, keep track of what I’ve already reviewed and so on. Watch out for an upcoming post on how I’ve done this.

Remember, data on its own is useless. With SharePoint Online, I’ve transformed data into information and in the process made myself more effective. Achievement unlocked!

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