Beyond the license

One of the major limitations I find with many who have an Office 365 Suite is that they are only using it for email, and basic email at that! This means they are failing to make use of get services like OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Yammer and more!

In many cases this is because they are no aware of the products and services that are available to them as part of their Office 365 package. A while back I did a webinar with Greg Plum from where we focused on helping attendees understand the value that the Office 365 suite contained that they were most likely not taking advantage of.

We recorded that webinar and I’ve now posted it up on my Youtube channel as you can see above. The slides are also available at:

Hopefully, this webinar gives you a better idea of many of these ‘undiscovered’ Office 365 features and how they can be used to solve business problems. If you have Office 365 I’d urge you to take a deeper dive into the product and understand everything that you are paying for. Once you’ve done that you may be surprised at how many of the features within Office 365 can be used to make your business and users more productive. Investing a little bit of time up front to gain the knowledge pays big dividends down the track.

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