Creating an Azure Resource Group using PowerShell

At the beginning of my recent post about creating an Azure files backup using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and the Azure portal I detailed how to create an Azure Resource Group. This is of course not the only way that you can create an Azure Resource Group, you can also use PowerShell.

Before you use PowerShell make sure you have read my article:

Connecting to Azure Resource Manager via PowerShell

and you follow the steps outline to connect to your Azure Resource Manager account.


If we look at the Azure portal we see there is currently only one Resource Group called CIA.


Once connected to the Azure tenant with PowerShell run the command:

new-azurermresourcegroup –name “name” –location “data-center”

where you need to enter the desired “name” and “datacenter” here I have chosen to create a new Azure Resource group called cia2 located in the Australia East data center (“australiaeast”).


Once the command has completed successfully, if you now return to Azure portal and refresh the Resource Group display you should see a new Azure Resource Group has been created as shown above with the name you selected (here cia2)

You can now use this Azure Resource Group to put all sorts of resources into. I’ll cover more on how to do that specifically with PowerShell in an upcoming article, however, that’s how easy it is to create an Azure Resource Group using PowerShell.

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