Need to Know Podcast–Episode 98

We’re joined again by Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist Jeff Alexander to talk about the latest with Windows Server 2016. Jeff tells us about all the latest cool features that are now available and where the direction of this product is headed. We talk about virtualisation, Nano servers, containers, PowerShell, Azure and more.

You’ll also get a round up of the latest Office 365 and Azure new from us including information on Azure Resource Manager, increased SharePoint Online Team Site storage and more. Listen in to stay up to date with the latest in the Microsoft Cloud.

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Jeff Alexander –

Free Windows 10 eBook for IT Pros

Exploring Nano Server

Getting Started with Nano Server

Azure SDK

Azure Resource Manager Basics

Windows 10 update information

Windows 10 update history

Version numbers for update branches for Office 365 clients

Office 365 client branch releases

Updated Delve profiles

Office 365 Team Sites storage increased

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