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One of the greatest challenges faced by IT Professionals today is simply keeping up with the technology. The problem is there are so many different sources that it comes from as well as the volume that it flows at.

What makes it even more difficult for todays IT Professional is that they need to be able to administer the systems as well as assist end users get the most from the same systems. This means understanding both the front and back end of systems. In effect that means keeping abreast of the twice the amount of information.

I do my best to provide the best quality of technical information via a number of sources but not all information is relevant to all audiences. With that in mind I have created an new email list dedicated to IT professionals and administrators of products like Office 365. It is aimed at providing technical information about the products in more depth to help administer them better.

You can sign up for this new CIAOPS Tech email list directly at:

If you are also interested in end user information via email I’d encourage you to sign up to my free 23 part SharePoint Online training course at:

because after the end of the SharePoint course the information continues with detailed emails about getting the best from Office 365 products like OneDrive, Delve and more.

Why via email? Email provides the ability to automatically collect the information, store it for later review. I have found that many people still prefer to use email as their primary source of information for these reasons.

There’ll still be plenty of detailed information in this blog and via my other social media sources as usual but if you want to receive information from me about Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud then subscribe to one or both of the above email lists as suits your needs. Of course you should also feel free to send me any suggestions, at any time, about what topics you’d like to see covered on these lists as I want them to be as relevant as possible.

As always, I appreciate people consuming what I produce via various channels and I look to continue to improve what is offered.

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