Connect Windows 10 to Azure AD


One of things that really excites me about Windows 10 is its ability to be directly joined to an Azure Active Directory. I think this ability is a major change in the way identity for desktops is going to be managed going forward.

The way that you facilitate a Windows 10 machine doing just that is to firstly go into your Azure AD and select the Configure option as shown above.


You then scroll down to the devices area and ensure that the Users may Azure AD join devices is either set to All or Selected, as shown above.


Then you go to the Windows 10 machine you wish to join to Azure AD and select Settings.


Then select About from the bottom of the menu options on the left.


Then on the right hand side select the link Connect to cloud as shown above.


From the window that appears select Continue.


Enter the credential of a user permitted to connect to your Azure AD and select Sign In.

A few moments later the process is complete and the Windows 10 machine is joined to Azure AD.


If you then check back in your Azure AD and select the user who completed the join and then select the Devices option from the options across the top. That should display a list of Windows 10 machines that are now connected as shown above.


To remove the device from Azure AD simply visit the Settings | About page again and this time select the link Disconnect from the organisation. You’ll be prompted to Disconnect as shown above.


You’ll then need to enter the credential for a local machine administrator (i.e. a users with admin privileges on the Windows 10 desktop).

Enter OK to proceed.


The last step will then be to restart the machine to complete the separation process, much like you would when joining an on premises AD.

So there you have it, joining an Azure AD is very simple on a Windows 10 desktop. Look out for more articles on Windows 10 and Azure AD soon.

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