Some changes to SharePoint Online


If you have been using Office Online with SharePoint Online via Office 365, you may now notice that the menu structure has changed as you can see above. The majority of options now appear on the right rather than the left.


You can see the old menu structure above with the menu options on the left.


When you actually go in and edit a document with the new interface the familiar Ribbon and menu structure return as shown above.

I find it interesting how menu items move from one side or the screen to the other (and perhaps they are testing to work out the best option??) but if you remember the changes from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 to 2013 you also saw that familiar left, right, left changing of navigation. Most interesting.

The other interesting change that is being reported on OneDrive fro Business only (at this stage), by fellow MVP Benoit Hamet over on his blog:

is that there is now an option to Move or copy a folder or file as shown above in a image from Benoit’s article.

I currently don’t see this option in any of my Office 365 tenants, but I’ll keep an eye out for it as it is a handy feature and makes using OneDrive for Business, at least, more like traditional Windows Explorer on the desktop. Interesting to see whether they bring the same functionality into SharePoint Online Team Sites? Time will tell on that score.

So watch out for these latest updates to SharePoint Online in you tenant soon.

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