Getting Started with Azure–updated

I have just completed an update of my Getting Started with Azure course. It now contains:

– 15 video tutorials

– A 80+ page manual that includes material not covered in the videos

– A number of free Azure publications

– Links to other material, documentation and training

You can download the table of contents to see the topics covered. The current video tutorials include:

01 – Introduction to Microsoft Azure

02 – Create a new Virtual Machine

03 – Create a load balanced web site

04 – Availability Sets

05 – Azure Web Sites

06 – Azure server backup

07 – Configuring an Azure Point to Site VPN

08 – Introduction to Azure SQL

09 – Connecting to Azure using PowerShell

10 – Creating a custom Virtual Machine image

11 – Attach a new disk to a Virtual machine

12 – Set up Azure single sign on portal

13 – Azure pricing tutorial

14- Enabling Office 365 branding

15- Configuring user self-service password resets

If you are looking at getting up to speed with Azure this course will save you a huge amount of time and is thus a great investment. Also, as the product gets updated you’ll continue to receive all updates for free for the life of the product. This makes it even greater value.

You can purchase this product, along with my other publications, from:

By supporting this product, you’ll be supporting me to create more focused content like this.

if you have any suggestions for what content you’d like to see inside this course please also let me ( know.

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