Office 365 branding and password resets now free

I recently posted an article about configuring branding and self service password resets in Office 365 by using an Azure Active Directory Premium trial. As I also indicated in that article, this feature was on the roadmap to be available free for all Office 365 tenants.

The goods news is Microsoft has now done exactly that and made both branding and user self service password resets free to all Office 365 users. The details are in this blog post:

So now you can use my previous post to set this up for all your tenants now for free!

When you do so I’d also point you to the following page:

Add company branding to your Sign In and Access Panel pages

from Microsoft that has all the details when it comes to branding, including specifically, the size of the images used. Using the right dimensions will ensure that everything looks professional once your branding has been applied.

Kudos again to Microsoft for making these once Premium features free as they something all Office 365 user can make use of and user self service password resets certainly cuts down on administrative overhead.

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