Globalization of SMB–Webinar









I got up very, very early this morning my time to be the guest on Karl Palachuk’s Webinar series – The Globalization of SMB – a Webinar Series.

The session was recorded and you can watch in on YouTube:

or listen to the MP3.

Here are list of books I recommend as good reads to help with a transition to global focus:

The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman

The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

The Millionaire Fastlane MJ DeMarco

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

I also encourage people to look at support international organisations like Kiva that provides micro-financing all around the world. You can view my Kiva portfolio of loans here:

I do read a lot of material and recommend you follow me on Goodreads here:

To keep up with the changing world of business and technology I strongly recommend:

Fortune Magazine

of which I have been an avid reader for over 25 years.

If I had to pick a favourite place in the world I have been to it would be:

Ryoanji Temple – Kyoto

and a close second would be Berlin:

Berlin – my travel log

For Australian’s travelling to Europe I would strongly recommend the Australian Battlefields of World War One. I have been twice and created a whole web site about the Australian involvement there:

Australian Battlefields of World War 1 – France

The one thing I’d recommend you pack when you travel is:


and the one travel tip I have is that no matter how tired you are when you arrive at your destination, only sleep when it is dark. It is painful the first day but gets you in sync much faster.

I thank Karl Palachuk for the opportunity to be a guest and hope that everyone got value from my experiences and opinions. Of course if you have any feedback or question please feel free to contact me directly (

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