New Azure training product coming

I have been working hard on developing an introductory Azure training course that people can download and view in their own time. The tentative course outline is:

1. Introduction to Azure
2. Creating a Virtual machine
3. Creating an Azure availability set
4. Creating an Azure Load Balanced Server set
5. Attaching a disk to an Azure Virtual Machine
6. Creating a custom VM image in Azure
7. Connecting to Azure using PowerShell
8. Creating an Azure Point to Site VPN
9. Azure backups
10. Introduction to Azure SQL
11. Introduction to Azure Web Sites

and more.

The course is aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of Azure and want to get up to speed quickly. It will include a single download package that includes videos, course notes, references and more.

Now, to give me a kick in the pants to get the course out the door as soon as possible I am offering a pre-order special of AU$59 from today until the course is launched. At that point I will be raising the price to at least AU$99.

You can pre-order for the once off price of AU$59 here:

If you have any suggestions for what topics you’d like to see covered please let me know ( so I can incorporate it.

So, if you are at all interested in getting up to speed on Azure I urge you to subscribe and give me a hurry up to get the material out!

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