All template lesson suggestions receive a reward

You might be aware that I have created a Getting Started with SharePoint team site template that can be added to any Office 365 tenant that includes SharePoint. It is designed to help new users get up to speed with SharePoint. The template includes 23 lessons with downloadable documentation, training videos and further resources on each topic. There is also a free version that includes the basic content.

I have also now created a dedicated SharePoint templates page on my web site with more information. However, this is where I need your help. I am currently developing the next template which will be aimed at providing tutorials on SharePoint for intermediate users and I’d like to know from people what lessons they’d like to see appear in this intermediate template.

As an incentive to provide me with some feedback I’ll give everyone who sends me an original suggestion for a lesson with a discount code that provides a AU$25 discount off the cost of the Getting Started with SharePoint team site template. Importantly, any submitted suggestion must not already be something I have covered in the original template (so the hint there is to take a look at what the existing template covers before submitting your suggestion).

So, putting your thinking caps on and send me your ideas via email ( or via @directorcia on Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you.

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