Free SharePoint documentation

Around 2006 I started to document everything I could about SharePoint on Small Business Server, simply due to a lack of information from other sources. This grew into documentation about Windows SharePoint Services v 3.0, SharePoint Foundation 2010 as well as most SharePoint versions. The focus remained on the Foundation product rather than the full server versions and especially how SharePoint integrated with Small Business Server (SBS).

In 2007 I started to offer my document via a subscription known as as the Windows SharePoint Services Operations Guide or WSSOPS for short.

In 2014 I announced that I would no longer be taking new subscribers and in 12 months would be shutting down the Guide completely. The reasons for this are many but mainly I saw the fact that less and less people were working with SharePoint on premise and even fewer where utilising SharePoint Foundation 2013. The focus was now Office 365.

However, much of the information I have accumulated about SharePoint over the years in the Guide still is not readily available or in an easy to understand format. With the closure of WSSOPS and the migration of my documentation to Cloud Business Blueprint I have decided to make available for free a large majority of the information in WSSOPS. You can find this available for download at:

and is made available under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike-4.0 Internation license. In essence means it free to distribute but can’t be resold.

Given the years of hard work invested in the Guide (over 1,000 pages is available for free download now) I’d appreciate the purchase of any of my publications or a donation if you find what I have made available helpful to you.

To join my new Cloud Business Blueprint community and gain access to all the documentation and training material I am now producing for Office 365, Azure and more please visit:

I am very proud of what I created with WSSOPS over the years and thank anyone who was a subscriber. I hope people continue to receive benefit from what I created for many years to come.

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