Sway me down under


The good news today for us here in Australia is that the Office Sway preview has been extended with the release of the iPhone app here in Australia. Simply visit the iTunes store or go here:


to download the version for you phone.

You can read the whole update release, including the new features here:


If you don’t know what Sway is take a look at this video;

Now I do and see a lot of presentations using PowerPoint. I work really hard to make my presentations as engaging as possible and of late I have tried to really cut down the amount of information, especially bullet points, that I use.

The issue largely isn’t that a presenter can’t use PowerPoint, the issue that PowerPoint may not be the best tool for the job. Most are also not graphic designers and need help making something that is eye catching. You need to think of Sway as something that doesn’t replace PowerPoint but is another tool in your arsenal that can be used for a wide variety of tasks quickly and easily as the video shows.

This is where I think Sway will work for me. It is going to allow me to create a very engaging presentation very quickly and easily. Combine that with the fact that Sway is a web app and allows you to quickly share it on any device is another reason I think it will work well for presentations. It means I can share my Sway presentation with those in the room on their devices as I give the presentation, which again makes it far more engaging I believe.

If you haven’t already go and sign up for the free Sway preview at:


and download the app and start Sway-ing away. You’ll be surprised at what you create and how quickly you do it.

I’ll share more experiences of Sway soon.

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