Learning Collaboration in Office 365


A little while ago I announced that I’ll be conducting a new course focused on showing you the best practices when it comes to collaboration in Office 365. This will answer questions about whether you should use Microsoft Teams over Yammer, what roles Groups plays and to drive adoption for your business to ensure that everyone makes full use of the Office 365 suite they have been allocated.

You’ll find all the original information about the course here:

Understanding collaboration in Office 365 course

The course gives you the opportunity to participate in the learning live. You’ll be able to complete the hands on tutorials right there and then. You’ll get immediate feedback on what you’ve learnt and you’ll also be able to ask questions and most importantly get your questions answered right there and then. If you think this is just going to be a boring webinar style presentation, then you in for a shock as nothing could be further from the truth. This course will be more hands on than if you were sitting in a classroom!

Best of all is that all the sessions will be recorded and made available to you, along with all the training materials (notes, links, whitepapers and more) FOREVER! That’s right, you can continue to come back to the course and watch the training at your leisure. You can even download it all and watch it offline. So if you are too shy to attend the live events you’ll still get full benefit from all the material.

Those lucky enough to have signed up already have been able to take advantage of the initial substantial early bird discount, however if you missed that then you need to act now to get a $30 discount. Use the coupon code EAERLYBIRD2 at checkout or click here to have the discount automatically applied upon registration:

Understanding collaboration in Office 365 – $30 discount

Remember, you need to use the link or the coupon code to get the discount.

An additional offer is that if you are not already a CIAOPS Academy affiliate you should sign up so you can offer this course to others and receive a commission. That’s right, just refer this (or any CIAOPS Academy course) to others and you’ll receive a percentage of the course direct to you. To become an affiliate simply sign up for free at the CIAOPS Academy and then contact me (director@ciaops.com) to let me know you want to be an affiliate and I’ll send you all the details and get you signed up asap.

The count down to the course kick off on the 1st of June is on and I’d encourage you to take advantage of this discount before it expires on the 19th of May. Remember, the course includes over 5 hours of hands on training, video recordings of all sessions as well a lifetime access to all the course materials including video replays, course notes, links, white papers and more. All of which you can download and view offline.

If you want to learn how Office 365 can give your business a completive edge by being more effective and productive then sign up today to take advantage of this discount.

I’ll also point out that if you sign up as a CIAOPS Patron you’ll not only receive discounts starting at 25% on this course but you’ll also get access to my private Office 365 Facebook community where you can get your questions answered by myself and other in the community daily. For all the benefits of being a CIAOPS Patron head over to:


I hope to see you on the course with me and those who have already signed up.

I got my Office 365 Sway


Seems like Sway has now made it into my Office 365 tenant as you can see from the apps launcher at the top of Office 365.


You will also find some control options under Service Settings, Sway as shown above.


so when you go to Sway, which is a web based application, and sign in with your Office 365 credentials, you’ll be taken to the Sway portal at:


but as you can see from the above screen shot you can still navigate to any Office 365 using the app launcher.

Given what I see here and Sway having a free offering, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see some premium Sway features arrive and be included with Office 365 plans. Just speculating mind you.

So if you have Office 365, have a look and see whether you can Sway yet. if you can, give it a go.

Sway me down under


The good news today for us here in Australia is that the Office Sway preview has been extended with the release of the iPhone app here in Australia. Simply visit the iTunes store or go here:


to download the version for you phone.

You can read the whole update release, including the new features here:


If you don’t know what Sway is take a look at this video;

Now I do and see a lot of presentations using PowerPoint. I work really hard to make my presentations as engaging as possible and of late I have tried to really cut down the amount of information, especially bullet points, that I use.

The issue largely isn’t that a presenter can’t use PowerPoint, the issue that PowerPoint may not be the best tool for the job. Most are also not graphic designers and need help making something that is eye catching. You need to think of Sway as something that doesn’t replace PowerPoint but is another tool in your arsenal that can be used for a wide variety of tasks quickly and easily as the video shows.

This is where I think Sway will work for me. It is going to allow me to create a very engaging presentation very quickly and easily. Combine that with the fact that Sway is a web app and allows you to quickly share it on any device is another reason I think it will work well for presentations. It means I can share my Sway presentation with those in the room on their devices as I give the presentation, which again makes it far more engaging I believe.

If you haven’t already go and sign up for the free Sway preview at:


and download the app and start Sway-ing away. You’ll be surprised at what you create and how quickly you do it.

I’ll share more experiences of Sway soon.