Security before convenience or else

One of the technology ‘hobbies’ I enjoy is studying the impact of technology on crime. The above talk by Marc Goodman (A vision of crimes in the future) is very thought provoking and eye opening.

I am constantly amazed at how lax so many people are when it comes to their security. I am constantly stunned by how casual and naive people are when it comes to using technology. Most violate the most common security practices without any thought in the desire for convenience. They do things they would never accept in the physical world, yet on line, for some reason common sense abandons them.

This the world we all live in, today. Right now! My opinion, is we are making the world much more vulnerable. We are allowing a single ‘Black Swan event’ that could basically terminate the comfortable way we lead our lives today.

Information and Bio technology are advancing at such a rapid pace and if you think they are only being used for good then you REALLY need to watch this video and become afraid of what is possible.

The rules have changed. We are connecting a totally interconnected world where the failure or disruption of part can effectively bring down the rest of the system catastrophically.

My advice? Take security seriously. Get involved. Get informed and always make the choice of security over convenience.

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