New SharePoint Online Sites page

If you fire up your Office 365 portal and select Sites from the menu bar across the top you now see your Sites home page is now different (see above screen shot).

Gone is the old format (above), with the new format doing away with the left hand column (which was basically a picture of the user who was logged in. And really how useful was that?).

It now also displays the logo from the individual sites you are following which helps identify these much quicker to users.
Remember the Sites page is the entry point for many users into all your different Site Collections in SharePoint Online so you should spend the time to make sure it is appealing as possible. This means you should not only add icons for all your sites so they easily identifiable but you should also go in and customise your promoted sites as the top with icons like I have done in the first screen shot above.
A much cleaner and simpler interface is always a good thing in my books, so I think update is a good move from Microsoft. What will be next?

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