New Office 365 top menu bar options


I was poking around in SharePoint Online and came across a number of new top menu bar navigation options as shown above.

How do you get here? You login to your Office 365 console as an administrator and then select the Admin option in the top right. From the menu that appears select SharePoint. Once here select the settings options at the bottom of the menu on the left as shown above.


At the top on the right hand side you will see that you can show or hide the following top menu bar options:

– OneDrive for Business

– Yammer / Newsfeed

– Sites

You’ll find more information about these options at:

SharePoint Help

Thus, your top menu bar for users can now go from:




if you want.

I’ll have to go back and see whether you can hide any of the other menu options in something like the Exchange admin center.

However, this addresses a common complaint I see out there about not being able to customize the top Office 365 menu. Well now you can!

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