What is SkyDrive Pro

I see a lot of questions out there about what SkyDrive Pro actually is. I have documented it before but here’s some updated links and information.
SkyDrive Pro is part of SharePoint Online (via Office 365) or SharePoint Server 2013 on premise. Here I will deal exclusively with SharePoint Online and as such referring to it as SkyDrive Pro Online.

SkyDrive Pro Online is designed for personal storage of documents in the ‘cloud’ and is available with all Office 365 plans that include SharePoint Online.
What is SkyDrive Pro?
[VIDEO] – SkyDrive Pro
By default it includes 25GB of storage space per licensed user which can be upgraded currently to a maximum of 100GB per user.
There is also free SkyDrive Pro client sync software for:
Windows 8
This client allows you to access SkyDrive Pro Online documents on your device.

For Windows devices, this client, also provides the ability to maintain an local (off line) copy that is sync’ed with SkyDrive Pro Online.
Sync libraries using SkyDrive Pro
Store, sync and share your content
Store, sync and share your content [PDF]
– SkyDrive Pro is completely different from SkyDrive.
– SkyDrive Pro is ONLY available via SharePoint 2013 on premise or from Office 365.
– SkyDrive Pro Online is designed as a per user personal document storage area which starts with 25GB of space per licensed user.
– SkyDrive Pro Online storage can be increased up to 100GB per user.
– SkyDrive Pro client is available on various platforms and allows easy access to SkyDrive Pro Online documents from devices.
SkyDrive Pro includes built anti-virus and anti-malware protection.
– SkyDrive Pro is a personal SharePoint Document Library.

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