Troy Hunt on security–again!

Troy Hunt has featured on a recent Four Corners episode – In Google We Trust.
For those that may not know Troy has also done a podcast with me as well as been part of the CIAOPS Virtual Technology Group where he did a presentation on web security that is available on my YouTube channel here:
This Four Corners episode is a good watch and reveals how widespread tracking is now becoming. From traffic lights and garbage bins to shopping centres, if you carry you mobile phone with you MUST assume you are being tracked constantly.
Whether tracking is a good or a bad thing is up to you. It can certainly provide you with more targeting offerings but the big question is what happens to that data and what would happen if it is abused?
Clearly the biggest consideration is that people need to far more aware of the how they are being tracked and be far more proactive in asking questions about how their data is being used.
Again, a great program and I commend it to everyone.

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