InfoPath not authorized to perform current operation


I had been battling with some issues when publishing InfoPath 2013 forms to Office 365. For some reason I kept getting the above error when I tried to open a site.

I work with a number of different Office 365 sites that all have different logins and for the life or me I couldn’t work out what was happening. I wasn’t even being prompted with the Office 365 login to the site I was trying to publish to.


After some fiddling I worked out that it has to do with the Windows 8 account I am logged into my machine with. I use a Windows Live account to do that. When I look at the account information in InfoPath I see this Windows Live Account.


If I then select the option to switch account


I see my two Office 365 accounts listed as shown.


Once I login with this Office 365 account I see a different list of connected services below as shown above.


Now I can successfully publish my InfoPath forms.

I can’t say that I’m a real expert on how all these accounts work and interact in Windows 8 but I’d say if you are having the same issues I was, try switching account in InfoPath. It worked for me.

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