More on Terminal Services and Office 365

*** Update 26 March 2013 *** Please read updated blog post on this:

A while back I wrote a post how Office 365 now allows Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) with the included Office version that comes with the plans. The gist of that post remains correct however what I have now determined is that not all Office 365 plans that include Office 2013 as part of their plan are entitled to be used in a remote environment.

The following table is from the Service Description for Office Pro Plus with Office 365 –



Here you can see that Office 2013 is only licensed for Remote Desktop Services (RDP) with the stand alone Office Pro Plus, E3 and E4 plans. It is not available (according to this) for the Office 365 Small Business Premium or Midsize Business.

However, there is still a little bit of confusion around the entitlement for the Midsize Business Plan because the Produce Use Rights (P82) at:

indicates that the Midsize plan does have Remote Desktop Rights.


I expect that this confusion will be cleared up shortly and when I hear more I’ll post it here so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “More on Terminal Services and Office 365

  1. Any news on this? I am tempted to get someone to do a Midsize Business Trial and see if it installs and test on a test environment. Generally if its not licenced it will refuse to run. Same way Office retail wont even install on a RDS machine.


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