New SharePoint Online features in Office 365

Now that the new version of Office 365 has been released and I have had a chance to look through what is on offer I thought I’d do quick round up of what I’ve found so far when it comes to the new SharePoint Online.
1. The first major point is that from what I can see EVERY new SharePoint Online plan includes SkyDrive Pro. This means that EVERY SharePoint Online users will receive 7GB of personal storage space.
There is still plenty of confusion about what SkyDrive Pro actually is. If you haven’t already I’d suggest you take a look at my previous blog post about SkyDrive Pro for clarification. Also remember that SkyDrive Pro space DOES NOT count against other shared space in SharePoint.
2. The default amount of SharePoint storage remains the same. All plans basically get 10GB of shared storage with an additional 500MB of shared space per user. This have 2 users your shared space = 10 + 2 x 0.5 = 11GB.
3. On the storage side, one thing that has changed is that ALL SharePoint Online plans can now purchase additional space! Yes, even P plans can purchase additional space (previously, they couldn’t).
4. P plans (P1 and P2) limited to one private site collection and one public web site. This is the same as the old P plan.
5. The new M plan has a limit of 20 site collections and one public web site.
6. The E plans have a limit of 3,000 site collections and one public web site.
7. Public website storage limit on all plans is 5GB.
8. The file upload limit is still 250MB per file for all plans.
9. The P plans (P1 and P2) allow 500 unique external users per month. The M plan allows 10,000 and the E plans allow 10,000.
10. Limits on syncing content in SkyDrive Pro and other SharePoint libraries. Note the following limitations related to syncing libraries to your computer with SkyDrive Pro:
• You can sync up to 20,000 items in your SkyDrive Pro library, including folders and files.
• You can sync up to 5,000 items in other SharePoint libraries, including folders and files.

• In any library, you can download files up to 2 GB.
So basically happy days!

SharePoint Online: Software boundaries and limits –
Sync a library to your computer –

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