Adding Search Service to Foundation 2013

The recommended method of installing SharePoint is not to use the SharePoint Configuration Wizards but to do everything manually. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be that easy any more. Here’s an example I have come across.


So, you have installed SharePoint Foundation 2013 using the Complete option during installation. You have elected to cancel the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and do everything manually. You have successfully created a Web Application and a Site Collection inside that application. You can see the SharePoint Foundation web site but when you look at Service Applications in SharePoint Central Administration you only see:




If you then look at Manage Services on this Server you see that the SharePoint Server Search is Stopped.




Logically, you press the Start hyperlink to be greeted by the following message.




So you press the OK button and end up back at:




Then what you’d previously do is create a new Search Application using the New button in the top left, but selecting that now only reveals:




So how the hell do you add the Search Application???


I reckon you may only now be able to do it via PowerShell. I’ll do some digging and report back, however it once again highlights to me how more difficult SharePoint on premise is with 2013.

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