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I have always been a big believer in documentation and as such have been documenting technology for many many years. I recently came across an archive of 70+ old technical documents I had on file that I thought I’d make available on the Internet for free.


Most are back from SBS 2003 days and cover superseded technology, but what the hell I thought. Maybe they might help someone out there. Some of the documents probably still contain relevant information so I have added them to the bottom of and listed them here as well. If nothing else they make for an interesting time capsule.


Here’s the list:


How to share your Outlook 2000 folders with other network users provided both are connected to an Exchange Server.


How to share your Outlook 2003 folders with other network users provided both are connected to an Exchange Server.

How to set up Outlook Express to send and receive from an external mail server. This document also covers how to add multiple mail accounts to Outlook Express

How to add SQL and MSDE instanced to SQL Enterprise manager.

If you need to export, import with exmerge or use the Exchange 2003 Recovery Storage Group you are going to need to have administrator privileges over the whole of Exchange server. By default these privileges are not given to any user.

By default ISA2004 does not allow FTP uploading to remote sites ( FTP write ). This document shows how to enable this.

How to configure a Windows XP workstation for an alternate IP address.

How to create, submit monitor and view the logs of Arcserve 2000. This article is still relevant to current editions of Arcserve but was written specifically for Arcserve 2000.

Backing up data is an “Art” that should be mastered by all who answer affirmative to the question – “Is my data valuable ?”. This document removes the technology in a effort to help people understand why backups are important.

How to configure your Windows systems to receive automatic updates from Microsoft.

How to use Outlook 2000 to block junk mail.

How to change the amount of memory that SQL 2005 uses on SBS 2003.

How check if any users have server files open.

How to see what files are currently open on the server.

How you can use Windows 2000 and XP machine to check basic network connectivity.

First looks at Sharepoint on SBS 2008.

How to configure Windows XP SP2 firewall.

How to create an additional top level Sharepoint site on SBS 2003 that resides on the same server as the default Companyweb top level site.

How to use Windows Task Manager to end rogue processes, change user passwords and shut the system down.


How to remove user disk quotas on SBS 2003 that can cause disk full errors.


How to enable and disable the ISA 2000 client for workstations. This may be necessary for certain programs that require access to the Internet or for roaming laptops that connect to the Internet via different methods.


How to totally erase all the information on a backup tape using Arcserve 2000. This article is still relevant to current editions of Arcserve but was written specifically for Arcserve 2000.


How to recover Exchange Server 2003 using Brightstor Arcserve. The documents covers the methods of a complete restore of the Exchange databases as well as recovery via the Exchange Recovery Storage Group.

hat files, directories and processes should be excluded in eTrust when it is installed on a Windows Server as well as an Exchange Server.


How to archive email data from Outlook into a file that can be backed up or copied.

Is Sharepoint a potential replacement for Facebook?


How to use connection filtering in SBS 2003 Standard to block IP addresses from connecting to the SBS server.


Slides from presentation – Utilizing Sharepoint to improve your business given at SMBNation 2008

Shows how to determine the GUID of the Information. This may be of benefit if there are multiple stores or if there were previously created stores that no longer exist.


How to install and configure Exchange Intelligent Message Filter.


How to install the SQL 2005 management tools


How to install VNC remote access software.


A guide on how to install SBS2003 Service Pack 1 ( V 1.03 )


Article on the different ways that Sharepoint V3.0 can be installed onto SBS 2003


Introduction to Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS). This document will not only give you information about the software but also what hardware you should purchase.


How to join a new Windows XP Professional workstation to a Windows domain.


How to determine additional SBS 2003 licenses, back them up and restore them.


How to use the features of Outlook to locate emails with large attachments.


Instruction on working with ISA2000 and the ATO


How to move the Sharepoint files that are associated with companyweb on SBS2003. Normally they are installed on the C: drive which may start to fill as companyweb usage increases.


Basics of how to set up a Netgear router.


How to recovery Exchange Server 2003 using NTBackup. The documents covers the methods of a complete restore of the Exchange databases as well as recovery via the Exchange Recovery Storage Group.


How to set up file and directory exclusions for eTrust Antivirus.


How to configure remote clients with IE7 installed to work with SBS2003 Outlook Web Access and Remote Web Workplace.


Guide on how to use Outlook Web Access that comes with SBS2003.


How to implement port forward with SBS 2003 Standard in a server with two network cards.


Information about different RAID configurations (Copyright unknown – sorry)


Details how to enable Recipient Filtering as well as Tar Pitting to prevent emails being received for non mail enabled users in Exchange 2003.


Step by Step guide to remotely rebooting SBS2003 server.


Guide on how to use Remote Web Workplace that comes with SBS2003.


How to completely remove and reinstall the companyweb intranet.


How to reset a users password from the server console.


How to restore a file using Windows Shadow copy.


How to reset a users password in SBS2000.


How to setup email alerts with Arcserve V11.0 so that you will receive an email at the completion of each backup job telling you the success or failure of the job.


Article about how Sharepoint can be used to improve value by “capturing” business information.

Introduction to using Sharepoint.


How Saturn Alliance uses Windows Sharepoint within our business and what benefit it provides


Step by Step guide to rebooting SBS2003 server.


How to temporarily and permanently disable the eTrust Personal Firewall that comes with eTrust Internet Security suite.


Troubleshoot Windows Server 2003 slowdowns when you have eTrust V7.X, Brightstor Arcserve 11.X.


How to set up a folder structure in Outlook Express and have different mail items delivered to these folders depending the criteria that you set.


The basic things that you should know about your IT systems. You should be able to perform all the items on this list without any external assistance. If you can’t then your fate is in the hands of someone else and that ain’t good.


How to synchronize SBS2003 to an external time source.


Troubleshooting steps and hints you can take when you are trying to isolate connectivity issues on your network.


How to update the virus signatures of eTrust Antivirus.


How to run Windows Update on machines.

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