Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has provided details of Windows Phone 8 due out soon. Here’s a video of some of the new features (some of which will be available to Windows Phone 7 users via an update I believe).


A good summary can be found at:


So if you are looking for a Windows Phone then perhaps it maybe worth a wait until the new models become available (September-October is the rumoured date). Downside is that existing Windows Phone 7 devices typically can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 (nothing surprising there) but will receive a number of updates to improve the experience.


Even though Windows Phone has taken a knock with falling revenues with Nokia I still reckon Windows Phone is better than most out there in the market. Being as late to the game as Microsoft is with Windows Phone makes it an enormous mountain to climb. However, more competition and choice is only going to benefit customers on the long run. So I’m still saying that you shouldn’t write off Windows Phone just yet but it will certainly have to kick some major goals soon and perhaps with Windows 8 Phone it will?

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