CIAOPS podcast listeners grow



Here are the stats from my podcast over the past few month. Firstly, I have no idea why April 2012 is showing the same level as March 2012 (April fool’s joke maybe?). But aside from that you can see the recent strong growth in listeners which is very pleasing to see. There was almost 600 episode downloads in March 2012. I would certainly attribute that to firstly the highly quality of people that have graced the microphone, to whom I’d like to say thanks. Secondly, the success of these numbers is obviously around the number of people who have taken the time to listen to the broadcasts. To them as well I also say thanks.


When I started doing the podcasts last year I never figured that one the most difficult challenges I would face would actually getting people to appear. Even to this day I really have to beg people to come on with me. There are so many very clever people out there with a huge amount of knowledge to share and I would have thought this podcast a perfect medium for them to share that. All shows are pre-recorded over Skype and done at a time that suits the guest. I really try and make it as painless as I can for people to come on the show but still I struggle to obtain guests.


As always I’d love to hear feedback from listeners as whom or what they’d like to hear on the show. I’d especially love to hear from people who’d be interested in being a guest but any feedback is also greatly appreciated. Remember, I’m happy to cover any topic that you’d like to discuss so don’t be shy.


I once again thank all those who have been guests and all those who have listened to an episode. I look forward to providing more episodes as soon as I can find more guests! All previous episodes can be found at:

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