Reviews and testers needed

I am working on a project involving SharePoint 2010 and SBS 2011 for which I need some people willing to firstly review the document that I am creating and secondly to actually technically test what the document sets out. My experience is that you can test it many times yourself but it isn’t until someone else tries to follow your instructions that you really know whether it all makes sense.


Thus, I’ll need people who are willing to do an installation and configuration on an SBS 2011 standard system ( it doesn’t have to be production, a virtual environment is fine) and provide me feedback. I’m looking firstly to ensure that want I have done works and secondly for any way that it can be improved. Helping me pick up spelling and grammar mistakes will also be part of the job.


So, you’ll need to be technical enough with SBS 2011 to install and remove software. You’ll also have to be willing to test some configurations as well as provide feedback on the process. In return I’m happy to provide you with a free copy of my finished work. I’ll also give you a plug in the acknowledgments.


If you are interested please contact me ( asap to arrange a copy of documentation and further instructions.

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