Great book on SharePoint Foundation 2010

Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 by Callahan
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If you don’t know, there are two distinct version of SharePoint, Server and Foundation. SharePoint Foundation 2010 is available as a free download from Microsoft and is the base of the enterprise version known as SharePoint Server 2010. Thus, if you want to learn SharePoint, no matter what the version, you are going to need to learn about the features found in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Too many SharePoint books I have read simply gloss over SharePoint Foundation 2010 and concentrate solely on SharePoint Server 2010. It is very refreshing to find a book totally dedicated to the base version of SharePoint that is available to anyone for free. Because SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides the building blocks for SharePoint Server 2010 I believe that everyone looking for information about the capabilities of SharePoint would greatly benefit from investing their time in reading this book.

The author has provided a very comprehensive guide for the SharePoint product, in many cases I believe the information provided in this book is far more comprehensive and relevant than other SharePoint books I have read. It takes through the whole process, from installing a single server, customizing, all the way through to configuring multi-server ‘farm’ environments. The book focuses more on the technical aspects of managing and maintaining SharePoint rather than designing solution or modifying the branding. However, there is very scant information about this available elsewhere and this book does a fantastic job of pulling it together in one place as a reference for the SharePoint administrator.

If you are looking to learn more about SharePoint or do indeed have the SharePoint Foundation 2010 product this book is probably the best for ‘cutting your teeth’ and getting up to speed with administrating the product. It provides a single source of information that is generally very hard to locate elsewhere. Best of all, it won’t confuse you when it comes to which version of SharePoint it is talking about as it squarely focused on SharePoint Foundation 2010, which remember is freely available but rarely mentioned (unfortunately).
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