Review – Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration

Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration by Todd Klindt
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

An excellent book on SharePoint 2010 that cover a wide spectrum of topics. It would be suitable for most people who want to better understand what SharePoint 2010 can offer. The main focus is on the SharePoint Server 2010 product rather than SharePoint 2010 Foundation but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t relevant for Foundation users.

It covers the whole gambit from installation to branding and customization. The book contains plenty of technical information as well a tutorial style walk throughs to help you better understand exactly what the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 are. I especially like how the SharePoint terminology and functions are described and explained in detail by the author.

In summary the book is a a valuable edition to any SharePoint administrator’s library.

I read this on my Kindle (also available via the CIAOPS Amazon Affiliate store) and found no major issues. Some of the screen shots were a bit small on the Kindle device but not totally illegible. If I wanted to see more details on the images I simply used my Kindle PC or iPad app.

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