Kindle capers

In this month’s newsletter from the CIAOPS you’ll find a review of the Amazon Kindle. After recently purchasing one as a gift I found the device hard to put down so decided to invest in one for myself. Since then I have converted at least half a dozen other people to purchasing their own, which they also love.


Amazon also has a free Kindle app that you can install onto just about any device that allows you to read your books just anywhere you are. For an overview have a look at this months video newsletter:

CIAOPS March Newsletter


I find this Kindle app especially handy for technical books allowing me to have them available on my laptop for reference. This means I can carry my reference library around with me rather than having it consigned to the shelf in my Office. I can also tag and record notes as well.


Another appealing aspect of the Kindle is simply Amazon’s service. You’d be hard pressed to find a business that does it better. Every query I have made is prompt answered and dealt with to beyond my satisfaction. The whole ordering process for the Kindle and associated eBooks is so far beyond just about every business I have used on the Internet that I’m more than happy to give them further business and recommend them to everyone.


If you enjoy reading lots of books and want something that makes them easy to access then you can’t go further than the Kindle. If you do get hooked and purchase one can I ask that you consider ordering through my Amazon associate site ( as I get a few pennies credit for each purchase which help feed my Kindle addiction.

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