No Office Web Apps on SBS 2011 Standard

One of the really great features of SharePoint 2010 is the fact that it can used as a platform for Office Web Apps. Office Web Apps allows the ability to work with Office documents using only a web browser. You can see this for yourself if you have a Skydrive account.

SBS 2011 Standard has SharePoint Foundation 2010 included and many were looking forward to the opportunity of running Office Web Apps on their SBS 2011 Standard installation. In a small business environment, Office Web Apps makes a lot of sense since it provides greater flexibility for the business, especially in conjunction with remote access. The problem is that Microsoft has now said it won’t support Office Web Apps on SBS 2011 Standard.

The following was recently posted by Michael Leworthy in the Microsoft Connect forum:

Unfortunately after exhausting all avenues, I have to confirm that Office Web Apps will not be supported on the SBS 2011 Standard Server install. Office Web Apps is not supported on domain controllers, and we could not develop a supported workaround that we felt was in-line
with our commitment to security and reliability for the Windows Server platform.

Office Web Apps is fully supported on SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 running on the SBS 2011 Premium Add-on, or a non DC member server, and you can integrate this back into your SBS 2011 environment using these steps However,you will still require VL licensing for Office 2010 to utilize Office Web Apps.

I appreciate your patience while we working our way through this – unfortunately I could not succeed in your asks around this product,
or the licensing.


Some have raised the point as to how running Office Web Apps on a domain controller is any different from running Exchange, SharePoint and ISA on a domain controller which are also not ‘supposed’ to be run there. Different versions of SBS have done this for years, that is just the way SBS is. The current version of SBS also allows remote access via web folders, so how are any of these really any different to Office Web Apps in the security context mentioned?

At the moment, when you install Office Web Apps on SBS 2011 Standard, it will break things. There is no doubt that ‘work arounds’ will become available, however as it currently stands there is no supported method of installing Office Web Apps on SBS 2011 Standard (except on a second server) and that my friends is a damm shame, a damm shame.

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