Need to Know podcast – Episode 10

I’ll first let you know is that thanks to Applied Marketing Technologies ( the Need to Know podcast distribution mechanism has undergone a complete revamp. You can now find all the episodes at along with numerous ways to subscribe via automatic updates, downloads to iTunes and even playing in a browser. They are still in the old location ( but the new medium is so much better.

Firstly let me tell what’s in Episode 10. It features George Sierchio from the Consultants Coach speaking about the important of running a business like you are going to sell it. Putting it another way, asking yourself what exit plan you have from your business? Even though you may never actually need to implement such a plan, circumstances may transpire that are outside of your control that could force you to exit your business. How are you going to ensure you receive maximum value for all the hard earned time and effort you have invested over the years? George covers off what you need to consider and how to go about putting these plan into place. This a hugely valuable episode for anyone running a business.

The new podcast site allows listeners to rate each show and provide comments and feedback which I hope everyone will do. The site also provides a way for listeners who like what I’ve done to provide direct assistance via a donation. It doesn’t matter how small a donation, it all goes into improving what is being offered. If you are interested in some commercial sponsorship like Applied Marketing Technology ( then I’d encourage you to get in contact with me directly.

As always I’m constantly on the look out for guests so if you’d like to come on the show or you would like to hear someone on the show please let me know ( With this revamp listening to the show on a regular basis should now be much easier and I hope the podcast will continue to grow.

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