Hosting providers stepping up to SharePoint 2010

Although I still run locally based SharePoint servers (mainly for testing) the majority of my production SharePoint stuff lives in the cloud via a hosting provider. I’ve been using the same company for over 2 years now without an issue and was really excited to see that they are now offering SharePoint 2010 hosting.


Without hesitation I decided to upgrade my main SharePoint site to SharePoint 2010. As you can see from below this site includes the CIAOPS Cloud Portal and the site for subscribers to my SharePoint Guide.




The migration was messy simply because the hosting provider doesn’t provide a direct upgrade of the site. I also didn’t have access to a single tool that could read a v3 site and transfer it directly to a 2010 site. I’m sure there are commercial offerings out but for this once off project I was happy to do a bit more manual work.


It took a little while to do but it did me a chance to do a tidy up of the information as well as some reorganization which it needed so there are always benefits when you start fresh. However now it is all complete and running on SharePoint 2010.


If you are a subscriber to my SharePoint or Cloud guides then you should have already received an email detailing how you bow gain access to the information as part of your subscription. You’ll also find more features rolled out with these sites as I get more experience with exactly what can and can’t be done with hosted SharePoint 2010.

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