Optimizing Windows SharePoint Search

One of the major complaints I hear from people when they implement Windows SharePoint Services v3 is that it is limited in what it can index and search. That is certainly true with the following files generally not being indexed by Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 out of the box:

– Office 2007 documents (i.e. docx, xlsx, pptx, etc)
– Adobe Acrobat PDFs
– Outlook MSG files
– TIFF files

to mention just a few. What most people don’t realize is that Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 can be configured to index these documents making them available to all users. The problem is that there generally isn’t a single source of good information about configuring this, that is until now!

This information has always been available in my SharePoint Guide (www.wssops.com) but I have now decided to create a new publication called:

Windows SharePoint MasterClass: Optimizing Search

available in eBook format for only $29.95. The details of the publication are:

This book is designer for those that want to take Windows SharePoint Services v 3.0 Search beyond the default. Did you know that Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 could index the contents of Adobe Acrobat documents and TIFF files? It normally can’t do either of these by default but the information inside this book will show you how to that and more. You’ll learn how to configure Search Server Express 2008 (free from Microsoft) to index information beyond SharePoint sites including Exchange Public folders, web sites and network shares. Implemented correctly Search Server Express can provide you the power of an internal search engine allowing you to make better and faster use of your digital information. If you want to make the most of Windows SharePoint Services then this book is for you.
I working a number of additional titles in this MasterClass series to help people take Windows SharePoint Services beyond the default install and get the most from the product.

If you have a topic you’d like to see appear in an upcoming MasterClass title please let me know (director@ciaops.com).

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