SharePoint on SBS 7

If you haven’t heard, the beta of Microsoft Small Business Server 7 is now available for download and evaluation. I’ve done just that to check out SharePoint 2010.




So after a relatively simple install SBS 7 was up and running and typing good old http://companyweb into a web browser brings up the screen shown above, looking all pretty standard.


Some quick observations.


1. SharePoint 2010 on SBS 7 uses SQL Express 2008 R2 which means there is a 10GB database limit for content. This is different from SBS 2008 which had unlimited content database size. The SQL instance is now called \sharepoint.


2. SharePoint 2010 on SBS 7 seems to retain fax integration but doesn’t support email archiving, However this may be because the installation of Exchange 2010 failed on this attempt to install SBS 7 but I don’t think email archiving does appear but I’d need to double check to 100% sure.


3. It supports the installation of Office Web Apps, allowing the viewing and editing of Office documents in a web browser. I really think this is going to be a huge feature BUT you need to be licensed for Office Web Apps, it doesn’t come as part of the SBS 7 installation.


So from what I see all working as expected so far.

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