Failed SharePoint 2010 migration advice

Saw this comment in a recent blog post of mine from Larry:


Help.  I got the old doc, went through the steps and it didn’t work.  Tried backtracking to Step 10, but 11 seems inappropriate and 12 doesnt work.  //companyweb comes back with 404!  Groan

Can you help or suggest a path to follow


The first thing is probably to get the new document at;;displayLang=en


This should have the new step 10, which involves attaching SharewebDb to SQL 2008. Once that is done the rest of the migration should flow normally, allowing to attach and upgrade SharewebDb to SharePoint Foundation 2010. If it doesn’t, Larry send me an email directly ( I’ll do what I can.


And remember kids what I said in a previous post? Before you attempt a migration to SharePoint 2010 on SBS 2008 make sure you know how to recover Windows SharePoint v3 on SBS 2008 in case everything goes pear shaped. Secondly, DON’T do it on a production server the very first time. Use a test server (read virtual server) to reduce heartache.


Oh yes, and finally, read this blog regularly!

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