SharePoint Foundation 2010 on SBS 2008 – Step 10

As noted in a previous blog post I think that step 10 in the Microsoft process of migrating to SharePoint Foundation 2010 on SBS 2008 is incorrect:


So here’s what I think Step 10 should show (including pictures):


Step 10 – Connect the ShareWebDb database to SQL Server 2008 (CIAOPS versions)


The old WSS v3 database now needs to be attached to the new SQL Server for management. You will need to have the SQL Management Studio open (as an administrator) to complete these tasks.


Navigate to the Database folder for the SQLEXPRESS tree. Right mouse click on the Database folder in the SQL Server (in this case SQL Express 2008 R2 denoted as SQLEXPRESS at the top of the object explorer window) and select Attach.




You will now see the Attach Database window like show below:




Press the Add button.




(in the screen shot above the database shown is called WSS_Content but in the standard SBS 2008 case it will be called ShareWebDb)


Navigate to the location of the old WSS v3 database. In the default case this will be c:\windows\sysmsi\ssee\MSSQL.2005\MSSQL\data and the database will be called sharewebdb. Select the database and press the OK button to continue.




You should now see the database and log file listed in the lower window. Press the OK button to attach these databases.




You should now see the word Executing appear in the lower left of the window. When complete you should be returned to the object explorer window where you should see the database now listed under the SQL Express databases folder.




From there you should be able to continue on with Step 11 of the standard Microsoft process.


I’ll detail some other things about this process soon.


This information can from? My SharePoint Operations Guide that I’d recommend if you are needing to this sort of stuff.

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