Need to know podcast

I’ve just created my first podcast which I have christened as the ‘Need to know’ podcast series. It will focus on technology and business for the IT Professional, especially those in Small to Medium Business.


In the first episode I have been lucky enough to be joined by Susan Bradley (SBS –MVP) ( who discussed some of the following topics with me:


– Slow down issues with XP and Microsoft updates

– A new DLL vulnerability

– Microsoft Security essentials in SMB

– the new versions of SBS, Aurora and 7


A big thanks to Susan for giving me some of her time to chat, it is most appreciated.


You can download the podcast from: – 42MB (60 mins)


and I’d love to hear what you think about it, what’s good, what’s bad and how it can be improved. Feel free to send it to me via or


I’ve got a few people lined up in the next few weeks to discuss further topics of interest so please stay tune to this blog for when these will be available.

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