SharePoint Foundation and PDFs video

For subscribers to my Guide I have created a 30 minute video that shows you step by step how to index PDFs with SharePoint Foundation 2010. The video also shows you how to display a PDF icon in SharePoint Foundation 2010 rather than just the generic one.


This video is the companion to the recently added chapters to the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide. What I am trying to do now is to create a video for every major component of the Guide because most people haven’t got the time to dedicate to learning the details. So providing a video is a quick way to get a good overview of the topic and then there is always the normal Guide to fall back on to get the exact details and screenshots of what needs to be done.


I have uploaded the video to but for what I can work out I need to individually share it, which is a bit of a pain. So for the time bring if any subscriber wants access just email email me ( and I’ll make it available. Going forward I’m still looking for a good way to store and share video (and large files) via an individual login. If you have a suggestion I’d love to hear about it.


The next video I’ll be working on will take you through the process of migrating WSS v3 databases to SharePoint Foundation 2010. I’ll be doing this on SBS 2008 so that base also gets covered as well. Look out for that video soon.


Remember that I have now included videos like those mentioned above in both the Migration and SBS packs (if relevant). Thus, if you don’t believe the complete Guide is a worthwhile investment for your SBS world then the SBS Pack now includes not only SharePoint Foundation 2010 information and video tutorials.


More information about the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide can be found at

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