Webinar preview on YouTube

With another webinar completed today you’ll find the first 9 minutes or so available as a preview on YouTube.


This webinar covered SharePoint document libraries in depth. It showed how to not only upload documents but also create additional meta data fields. Attendees learnt how to use SharePoint’s check in / check out features along with version control to provide better management of documents. They saw how to create different views of your data as well as understand how to sort and arrange the information for quicker retrieval. Most of all they were given an understanding of document libraries beyond the basics which will helped get the most from this powerful SharePoint feature.

SharePoint Document libraries in depth webinar (preview)


We also have a number of free webinars you can download if you want to get a feel for the style and content of our presentations:


Introduction to SharePointhttp://rapidshare.com/files/312292856/091112.avi

Basics of using SharePointhttp://rapidshare.com/files/312282952/091126.avi 


there are also others available for download including:

Basics of SharePoint Administration

SharePoint Questions and Answers 1

SharePoint and Office


which are available upon payment ($10) again through http://donation.ciaops.com.

If you wish to be informed of when new webinars will be available please sign up to the CIAOPS webinar email subscription list.


If you have any feedback on the webinars, suggestions, or topic suggestions please don’t hesitate to email director@ciaops.com

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