Looking for topics

I’m in the process of developing the next of my webinars and thought it would be good to offer a SharePoint questions and answers session. Now I could come up with what I believe are the most relevant questions around SharePoint but I think it would better if people out there let me know what they’d like to know about when it comes to SharePoint.


For that reason I’m asking for people to submit any SharePoint questions to me directly (director@ciaops.com). They can be on the installation, implementation. migration and even how to sell SharePoint solutions. As an added incentive, if you provide a question that I use in the webinar I’ll give you free access to both the live presentation as well as any recording of the event made.


So please have a think about what you would like to know about SharePoint and send it to me (director@ciaops.com). I’m sure that you won’t be the only one who wants to know the answer and if you come up with a good one you’ll get free access to the webinar!

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