SharePoint webinar

Here are the details for the next CIAOPS webinar:


091210 – The basics of SharePoint Administration


Topics covered:


– How to administer a SharePoint site

– How to manage SharePoint database files

– How to backup and restore SharePoint

– How to manage SharePoint securities


Presenter:          Robert Crane

Date:                 Thursday 10th of December 2009

Time :                10.00am (Sydney, Australia time)

Duration:            60 minutes

Cost:                 $ 9.90 ex GST for non WSSOPS subscribers.

Level:                 2 (Intermediate)

Prerequisites:      None




This webinar will provide you with a good overview of how to administer a SharePoint site. It will show where all the basic administration options are as well as what function they perform. You’ll also learn about the low level SharePoint file and databases required to allow SharePoint to function correctly. The webinar will also cover the different ways that you can backup and restore SharePoint as well as manage securities.


Registration: To register send an email to


Note: that this webinar runs for a longer period of time (60 minutes), cover a much higher level of technical understanding of SharePoint and has an entry fee (for non WSSOPS subscribers).


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