SharePoint 2010 beta in place migration

The next test on the list to conduct with SharePoint Foundation 2010 beta is an in place upgrade. In this case what I did was create a new Windows SharePoint Services v3 machine and use the STSADM command to import my existing internet facing SharePoint site




I then commenced the installation of SharePoint Foundation 2010 beta.


In due course it found an existing site and provided the option to upgrade as expected




At the end of the configuration it commenced the site upgrade.




Which you could view from the browser.




Unfortunately, after a while the upgrade process failed.




The good thing this time was the original site was still working.




Looking at the error log that was produced (with 233 errors), most seem to be about missing components (i.e. templates, add-ons etc), so I get the feeling it would have probably worked if I had done the migration on the original box where all the other add ons are installed. Problem is, that box isn’t 64 bit so a migration to a new 64 bit base machine is going to be necessary. Clearly, that is going to make any migration process that much longer and more challenging in that you have to get all the extra little ‘tweaks’, you added across onto the new machine before you attempt an upgrade. That could certainly take some time and test your memory!


So, it’s back the lab once again.

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