Power of an hour

I have just completed a document that provides 8 tips to improving your productivity with technology. By saving as little as 1 hour a work day you can end up generating over 240 hours a year. That works out to being more than a month of work time! Imagine what you could do with that extra time.

The document covers a range of suggestions including hardware, software and online solutions. It simply provides some quick suggestions about technology products and services that you maybe able to utilize to improve your working efficiency. Most of the suggestions can be implemented for free or very little cost which makes them even the more attractive.

Hopefully this document will prompt people into examining the options that are available with technology and look at ways they can do things better rather than simply allowing accepting the technology that you use. Successfully improving productivity comes down to two things I believe, the rights tools and the right application of those tools. Pretty much like most other successful things I suppose.

So please read the document, pass it along to other and let me know your feedback (director@ciaops.com). Don’t forget all the other documents that I also have on Slideshare including those on topics like SharePoint and Small Business Server (SBS). Stay posted to this blog for details of up coming documents.

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