Hypothetical no longer

A few posts ago I spoke about the opportunity that Twitter presented in the case of recent problems with WebCentral email hosting. Well it seems that someone else was also thinking along the same lines:


Cheeky Twitter campaign takes advantage of WebCentral email outage


It does demonstrate that Twitter can be used effectively within a business. Also, don’t overlook the fact that just because you might not understand Twitter or use it yourself, it doesn’t mean your competitors and customers don’t. At the very least you should be monitoring the ‘twitter-verse’ for topic of interest to you and that is very easy to do, so there should be no excuses now should there?


If you want more information about the WebCentral outage and its ramifications take a look at:


WebCentral resellers staggered by lack of service


Interesting how the article leads with:


“web hoster’s Exchange email server outage was a pain,”


which implies that it was all Microsoft’s fault doesn’t it? Rightly or wrongly, interesting how they like to always stick the boot into the big M, eh? Guilty by association unfortunately.

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