Microsoft BPOS

What does BPOS stand for? Business Productivity Online Services or in more simple terms Microsoft’s cloud based application offerings. I’ve been keen to get my hands on this for myself and had the chance this week during some classroom training.

If you are new to what Microsoft is planning to offer then start with:

If you are a Microsoft Partner then I’d suggest you take a look at:

There you’ll get a better idea of how much Microsoft is going to invest in cloud based services.

To get a better idea of what these services actually look like have a look at the following video presentation:

The training was very interesting in that it gave you direct hands on with the product as the following screen shots show:

 The Home page includes overview of the services available, tasks and actions.
User management screen displays what products user have as well as actions that can be performed on these users.

 Service settings page – showing the applications (Exchange and SharePoint in this case) and how resources are devoted to each. Along the top you’ll see Live Meeting and Office Communications Online are another 2 applications.

If you now click on the SharePoint Online from the menu you’ll see the information about the SharePoint application. You can easily create a new site (via the New button) or administer the existing site via the Site settings button.

Here’s the Migration tab that allows you to configure synchronization with an existing Windows network.

Now BPOS will have its challenges, some of these being unique to Australia, but in general I believe this is the way things are going. Sure it may seen immature now but it is only going to improve.

I’ll spend some time in some upcoming blogs going into a bit more detail of what I’ve found but if you are at all interested in online services from Microsoft I’d suggest that you starting looking at it now!

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