Email addiction

Here’s an interesting article about what people are actually doing when they attend conferences.


The survey found that three quarters (75%) of all participants ignored requests to switch off their mobile devices during sessions. Of this 75%, a further 40% admitted to checking PDAs, BlackBerrys, iPhones and mobile phones at least every 30 minutes; and 10% said that they check their phones every 10 minutes.



More worryingly, 91% of those who check their phones every 10 to 30 minutes said that they felt anxious when unable to access emails.

How unproductive is that if you are checking email every 10 minutes when you are supposed to listening to a conference that someone has paid good to attend? Imagine what the routine of these people must be like in the office. How would they get anything done? You have to ask yourself whether emails are that important that they need to be checked every 10 minutes!


It is interesting that we carry around mobile phones that allow anyone to interrupt us at any time. Now that they are also email-enable we are also allowing any email to interrupt us at any time. It is a wonder that anyone gets anything done these days.


Take control of your mobile device. Turn it off and get some work done.

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