Get well Steve

For those that don’t know, Steve Jobs of Apple fame is taking a leave of absence due to health reasons.


He’s an inspiration guy who has endured many reincarnations, trials and tribulations.

If you haven’t heard the speech he gave at Stanford University a few years ago then I’d suggest you have a look here:

No matter whether you love or hate the guy, you have to admit that the IT industry would all the poorer without a personality like Steve Jobs. He has given us so many IT icons, from the Apple II, to the Mac, to the iPod and iPhone and more. I think any serious observer has to admire what he has created and his ability to create innovative products that appeal to masses.


Steve Jobs has faced adversity before and overcome. He faced serious issues before and overcome. I wish him all the best in this latest battle and compel everyone else to do the same because a world in which Steve Jobs is not an active player is a world a more ‘innovation-poor’.


All the best Steve and get well soon!

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