Now I’m always amazed at how few people really use Web 2.0 applications apart from the obvious ones (i.e. Facebook). As such, I thought that I’d tell you about one of the most handy Web 2.0 applications I know of – Delicious.


Delicious is what’s known as a social bookmarking site. Now instead of saving my bookmarks to my browser I save them to Delicious. The first major benefit is that I can access these bookmarks from any Internet connection. Next, I can ‘tag’ each bookmark so that it can be easily sorted. Then I can subscribe to other users Delicious bookmarks so I can see what information they are bookmarking. For more about social bookmarking see this YouTube video:


Now if you interested, you’ll find my Delicious bookmarks at You can choose to ‘join’ my network so when I bookmark stuff you’ll see it as well. The idea as more and more bookmark stuff they are able to find information that is relevant to them. It’s the whole idea behind Web 2.0.


You can add and edit you bookmarks via a webpage but you can also download Delicious plugins for FireFox and Internet Explorer, which makes bookmarking to Delicious as easy a bookmarking to your normal browser.


As I said, I find Delicious to be one of the most handy Web 2.0 applications I have come across and I use it everyday. If you don’t then I strongly suggest you take a look at what it may be able to do for you!

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